Tools and Parts Attendant - Able to obtain NACI Clearance - (Able to work all 3 shifts) - Emp. Ref. $250.00

Tobyhanna, PA
Work Type: On-Site
  • Job Category: Maintenance & Repair
  • Travel: No
  • Clearance: Not Applicable
  • Shift: Variable
  • Req ID: TRU01216

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From requirements and design to operations, logistics and support, customers come to Truestone, an Akima Company , because we’ve earned their trust at every stage of the lifecycle for complex systems and networks. Our personnel enjoy competitive benefits packages and challenging roles in work environments committed to innovation, diversity and opportunity for career growth. As an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), 100% of our company’s profits go back to our more than 14,000 Iñupiat shareholders that have resided near and above the Arctic Circle for more than 10,000 years. Our business helps support their way of life and contributes to the survival of a culture that has thrived in a challenging environment.

Primary Function

Performs duties in the operation and maintenance of multiple tool rooms and point of use (POU) vending machines with the responsibility for receipt, storage, issue of stock, replenishment, re-warehousing, disposal and inventory. Assist in required inventories, salvage, issue and turn-in of expendable and non-expendable property and supplies. Uses the Automated Tool Inventory Control and Tracking System (ATICTS) for control and accountability. Operates tool and stock rooms and a variety of vending configurations to maintain an appropriate supply level of expendable and nonexpendable tools and equipment utilized in support of the repair and maintenance functions of the division. Stock consists of hand and portable power tools such as hammers, sledgehammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, chisels, saws, hand drills, sanders, power drills, grinders, electric and air hammers, pipe cutters, punches, reamers, die sets and tool kits, protective clothing and equipment, i.e. coveralls, rain suits, gloves, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), respirators, etc. Controls the receipt, identification, issue, storage, certification and turn-in of more than 3,000 different types of electronic test equipment, fixtures, end items, components, etc., accountable to the Electronic Test Equipment Center assets. Establishes, maintains and keeps constantly current, records and file systems from which the location and status of any given piece of equipment can be immediately established. Screens incoming new equipment against receipt documents to assure correct material has been delivered. Assigns control numbers and affixes tags to equipment. Issues equipment to using shop personnel, maintaining accountability by use of file tickets and employee's payroll number. Receives material from users and returns to stock. Prepares or helps shop personnel prepare form for defective items received from floor. Schedules equipment for necessary repairs and recertification, if required. Annotates appropriate forms for control purposes. When requested material is not available, screens catalogs and other listing for direct replacement items or recommended substitutes as available or attempts to supply test center asset which meets ranges and test parameters as required by using personnel. Initiates turn-in actions for equipment declared fair wear and tear and for obviously unneeded items. Insures that turn-in forms have proper Federal Stock numbers, nomenclatures, and other descriptive data to conform with test center records in order to ensure proper deletion from depot accountability records when the items are turned in. Inventories by physical count of items on hand. Verifies stock number, model number, nomenclature, etc. Searches bins for misplaced items or item recounts. Receives equipment utilization cards and annotates pertinent information on cards, such as: in for repairs from (date), in for recertification from (date), in test center since (date), or location correction so that non-availability time can be credited, and next computer run-off shall not show underutilization. Establishes and maintains a running suspense file showing certification due dates on a daily basis. Reviews calendar on a daily basis and initiates work copy for equipment due in for calibration by number, nomenclature and model. Cross-references file for activity and user to be notified to return items to test center. Forwards equipment to Calibration with proper forms. Reviews monthly computer run-off showing items delinquent for cyclic calibration. Checks file for location of suspect items. Visually inspects inspection tags on equipment for accuracy. Directs immediate return of actual delinquent items to test center for corrective action. Purifies remainder of list by verifying still-in-effect calibration equipment; equipment already returned in process, etc. Prepares complete report of purified listing and forwards copies to appropriate offices for information and/or corrective action. Works is performed in a storage area which is well lighted, fairly clean, and well heated, but occasionally drafty and noisy.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must be able to work on hard surfaces and in work areas that require him to standing, stooping, bending, and working in tiring and uncomfortable positions.

  • Must be able to frequently lift and carry equipment that weighs from 10 to 40 pounds.

  • Able to operate hand-trucks and dollies.

  • Must be a US Citizen with ability to obtain and maintain a government NACI Clearance.

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