Gray Eagle Instructor Operator Course / Resident Instructor Training Instructor

Sierra Vista, AZ
Work Type: On-Site
  • Job Category: Aviation
  • Travel: None
  • Clearance: Public Trust
  • Req ID: 2024-11280


Job Summary:

As a Gray Eagle IOC/RIT Instructor, you will train personnel in the skills necessary to be an effective Unit Instructor Operator as well as train and evaluate Instructor Operators how to administer the Gray Eagle Qualification Course. To join our team of outstanding professionals, apply today!


Job Responsibilities:

  • Procedures for takeoff, landing, and tactical employment of the Gray Eagle UAS.

  • Fundamentals and application of Air Crew Coordination.

  • Capabilities, emergency procedures, limitations, and system logic of the Gray Eagle UAS System and its payloads.

  • Fundamentals and conduct of Gray Eagle UAS Missions with emphasis on route, zone, and area reconnaissance; aerial surveillance; security operations; and employment of the Gray Eagle UAS in attack missions.

  • Fundamentals of Mission Planning and approval Process to include the METTTC; Risk Assessment; and Performance Planning.

  • Concepts and application of Army reporting formats to include SALUTE, SALTW, and BDA reports. Familiarity with National Airspace-- restricted areas and Class D airspace-- and ATC phraseology.

  • Configuration of system radios for flight operations and communications relay. Application of map reading techniques for UAS Operations.

  • Fundamentals of laser safety, different types of lasers on UAS payloads, employment, capabilities, detractors, and effective utilization of lasers during UAS missions.

  • Fundamentals of Combat Vehicle Identification and familiarity with major US, Allied, and Threat equipment.

  • Concepts and application of military Symbology.

  • Fratricide and how to prevent it as a UAS operator through positive identification of targets and situational awareness.

  • Familiarity with Joint procedures for Call for Indirect Fire and Laser Designation for a Hellfire missile.

  • Familiarity and application of AR 95-1 (Flight Regulations), TC 3-04.11 (Commander's Aviation Training and Standardization Program), TC 3-04.3 (Combat Aviation Gunnery), AR 40-8 (Exogenous Factors), and TC 3-04.93 (Aeromedical Training),

  • Familiarity and application with of DA PAM 738-751 (TAMMS) and maintenance logbook software.Concepts of Decisive Action and how a UAS operates in offensive, defensive, stability, and defense support of civil authorities’ operations.

  • Concepts and participants in the OE.

  • Fundamentals of the IPB process as an UAS operator will support the commander’s tactical decision-making by providing information that enhances situational awareness of the operational environment.

  • Basic aviation Instrument Flight Rules School topics include but are not limited to: National Airspace Regulations, Flight Instruments and Systems, Weather, IFR flight planning, IFR approach/departure procedures, DOD Flight Information Publications (FLIP) and Airspace Management.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Qualification in Gray Eagle MQ-1C UAS.

  • Must have at least four years’ operational flying (post initial qualification) experience within the last five years.

  • 200 hours on the Gray Eagle.

  • 20 hours as an aircraft Commander (AC) (Can substitute 20 hours of IO for AC but must have AC designation in records).

  • Qualification in Gray Eagle MQ-1C UAS on the current software version.

  • Must have 24 Months within the last five years and a minimum of 700 collective Instructor Operator flight hours (Live flight/Simulator). Teaching POI for 2-13th Aviation Regiment on Gray Eagle UAS is preferred.

  • Contractors shall meet all requirements as per AR 95-20, TC 3-04.11, and FAA-H-8083-9B Aviation Instructor's Handbook as well as, the following: Attain a certificate of completion for Method of Instruction requirements and attain / maintain Proponent Certification (Government provided).

  • Completion of Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) training, Unmanned Instrument Examiner training, and attain/maintain Proponent Certification.

  • Obtain and maintain Instructor Operator Course Proponent Certification (Government provided) and IO designation.

  • Must have System qualification/ verification:

  • Army Qualification Certificates, (DD214, DA 7122)

  • OEM qualified. For OEM: DCMA (1821, 2628 stating qualifications)

  • Contractors who have both Army and civilian qualifications, Mil forms and DCMA stating qualifications is preferred.

  • Must have been AC designated/verified via DD form 759, or DCMA/OEM.

  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a Class II flight physical prior to start.

  • Must be able to satisfactorily complete all evaluations per AR 95-20 including:

  • TRADOC instructor evaluations

  • Oral academic evaluations

  • No-notice evaluations

  • Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization (DES) evaluations

  • Proficiency Flight evaluations (PFEs)

  • Standardization Flight Evaluations (SFE)

Desired Qualifications:

  • IO course graduate

  • Recency of flight: 12 hours as AC within the last 12 months

Job: Aviation

Travel: None

Organization: Pinnacle Solutions

Clearance: Public Trust

Work Type: On-Site

Remote: No

ReqID: 2024-11280