Computer Programmer III

Reston, VA
Work Type: On-Site
  • Job Category: Life, Physical & Social Science
  • Travel: Yes, 25% of the time
  • Clearance: Not Applicable
  • Req ID: 2024-11655


Job Summary:

The NMIC publishes monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual, and special reports. The annual Minerals Yearbook (MYB), known as Volume I, Volume II and Volume III, include data on a commodity-specific basis, State-specific basis and country-specific basis, respectively MYBs. There are monthly, quarterly, and semiannual commodity-specific reports that are designated MIS. There is another annual commodity specific publication designated as MCS, and special reports on an individual basis such as presentations or special report and series publications such as Industrial Minerals reviews that happen each year. The review process for each of these publications is different and each module is programmed with different review steps but the functionality of the ERS system is to log dates of when each review step was completed and to provide notification to the next reviewer in the process that a task has been assigned to them. There used to be manual tracking of these reports on paper sheets that someone would then have to enter manually into a spreadsheet. This system provides for transparency in the review process to see who has the file, provides for metrics of comparing scheduled completion dates and actual dates registered in the Power App, and provides notification for users.

OneWorld was developed to ensure collaboration among commodity and country specialists and consistent data being published by NMIC. Internal review of a number of mineral commodity and country publications revealed significant discrepancies in the data that were published in reports, specifically in the disagreement of the production data reported for a mineral commodity produced in a country as the two Volumes were published independently. OneWorld was created to 1) design a multi-user tool capable of adding and reviewing data and requiring data reconciliation so that both volumes produce a single, agreed upon data point for a specific commodity for a specific country with a

specific time stamp, 2) would like to have an automated tool produce a commodity world production table and a country production table, 3) maintain and store data and feed the data into a database capable of offloading into multiple other locations to include an SQL database program that is currently under development and a data visualization system that is yet to be developed, and 4) have that tool also conduct an internal review of the existing 5-year data sets to produce a single, unified master data set.

Akima Systems Engineering is in need of support of an individual with knowledge in

  • SQLserver

  • JavaScript

  • Microsoft Office 365 Azure

  • HTML5+ Angular

  • Microsoft PowerAutomate with plug-in email client -premium license

  • Power App and premium license

  • Microsoft Access database and programming within the Microsoft Office suite.

  • Platforms

  • MySql Workbench 6,

  • Microsoft Office 365 Azure

  • Microsoft PowerAutomate

  • Visual Studio Code(1.73.1) and Visual Studio 2019

  • SharePoint

  • Within, JavaScript, MySQL Workbench, or SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, HTML5+, Angular, Microsoft PowerAutomate, and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, Visual Studio Code, or the equivalent of these.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsibilities include applying programming necessary to maintain, repair, and create features for two data management tools that have already been designed with pre-set administrative processes already in place, as well as any necessary support, development, documentation, and maintenance as well as providing periodic training to new and existing users.

  • The programmer will work with an existing OneWorld technical representative and a team of ERS technical representatives, to complete/maintain/repair/troubleshoot the program code of the described systems. Primary functions for OneWorld are to ensure the coded interface retrieves data from a database, arranges the data in a pre-formatted table using selection criteria, recognize and re-enter that data into the sheet as preliminary or final (depending on pre-existing entries), initiate an email to coordinate the approval of any necessary data points, and facilitate the final entry of approved data within the system.

  • The primary functions for ERS are to ensure the PowerApp system has routing sheets, correctly logs date of an action completion, moves the process to the next step, notifies the next reviewer, maintains metrics, and the Sharepoint site allows for files to be uploaded, reviewed, and moved to other users as well as all the administration functions such as adding new routing sheets for each of the 9 sections.

  • Coordinate system requirements as assigned by management.

  • Effectively communicate system limitations and abilities.

  • Implement annual updates to program code.

  • As-needed system maintenance, updates, and improvements.

  • Records documentation and retention.

  • Regular database administration, tasks, and modification.

  • Program troubleshooting and research.

  • Resolve Problems within System Administration

  • Regular correspondence with non-proficient users

  • Maintain any modifications/updates needed in the automated workflows.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Analyzes and solves computer problems, and assures technology meets the needs of the program.

  • Implements system studies to assist the program and maximum benefit from investments in equipment, personnel, and business processes.

  • Plans and designs new computer systems or devises ways to apply existing systems resources.

  • Prepares workflow charts and diagrams to specify in detail operations to be performed by equipment and computer programs.

  • Performs work under minimal supervision.

  • Handles complex issues and problems and refers only the most complex issues to higher-level staff. May act as lead.

  • Typically requires BA and 5-7 years' experience.


Job: Life, Physical & Social Science

Travel: Yes, 25% of the time

Organization: ASE - Akima Systems Engineering

Clearance: Not Applicable

Work Type: On-Site

Remote: No

ReqID: 2024-11655