Tech III (Fire Alarm)

Redstone Arsenal, AL
Work Type: On-Site
  • Job Category: Maintenance & Repair
  • Travel: None
  • Clearance: Able to Obtain Secret
  • Req ID: 2024-9016


Job Summary:

Responsible for installing, troubleshooting, programming, testing and inspection of fire alarm systems. Work requires practical application of technical knowledge of electronic principles, ability todeterminemalfunctions, and skill to put equipment in required operating condition.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Works onvarious typesof fire alarm systems and related devices by performing one or acombination of the following:componentinstallation,maintaining, repairing, overhauling, troubleshooting,modifying, constructing, maintenance level programming and testing.

  • Appliespractical application of technical knowledge offirealarmpanel/systems principles anddeterminemalfunctions.

  • The equipment consisting of eithermany kinds offirealarmsystems/circuits, or multiple repetition of the same kind of circuit includes, but is not limited to, the following: (a) electronic transmitting and receiving equipment(e.g., radio and telephone), (b) digital and analog computers, (c) industrial measuring and controlling equipment, (d) integrated alarms, and associated fiber optic material for the above.

  • Applies advanced technical knowledge to solve unusually complex problems (i.e., those that typically cannot be solved solely by reference to manufactures’ manuals or similar documents) inworking on fire alarm equipment. Such problems include resolving problems with equipment and/or systems where documentation is lacking or very vague.

  • Mayprovidetechnical guidance to lower-level technicians.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

  • May perform work in other classifications when incidental work is necessary to the accomplishment of the work assignment. Significant work in another job classification may berequiredif accompanied by any wage adjustments applicable.

  • Accountable for:

  • The proper use of tools and equipment commonly used in the fire alarm technician field.

  • Completing all mandated training requirements per government and management directives.

  • Timely and cost-effective performance of duties.

  • Timely completion andaccuracy of all departmental work.

  • Dealing with a variety of people in a professional, courteous manner in diversified situations.

  • Adherence toestablishedcompany safety policies and good industrial and office safety practices.

  • Compliance with company standard operating procedures and personnel policies and procedures.

  • Having the ability to work well under pressure.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • At least four (4) years of experiencerequiredin servicing electrical/mechanical systems in the fire alarm or special hazard/fire suppression industry.

  • Candidates shouldbe familiar with some of the following systems: Ansul, Fenwal, Fike, Vision Systems, Notifier,Marioff, Fire Trace, FCI,Pyrotronics, FAST,Firelite, EST,Firetek, FCI,Sensiscan, Simplex, Ademco, ADT, Gamewell.

  • Experience with and having a solid understanding of programming logic is desired but no specific language isrequired. The software resembles that of industry logic controllers (PLC’S).

  • Must be thoroughly familiar with radio transmitters, radio receivers, computer hardware, data processors, and audio amplifiers.

  • Must have a thorough understanding ofthe principles of various low voltage systems.

  • Must have a working knowledge of the National Fire Protection Association,UFCor similar alarm codes.

  • Must have a working knowledge of various fire suppression systems (i.e.water (wet & dry), pre-action, deluge, dry chemical, foam, CO2)and how to secure them for testing.

  • Must be able to climb ladders, pull cables, and work in confined and high spaces.

  • Needs to be skilled in working with up to 1-inch conduit (laying out, cutting, and bending).

  • Must be able to read and interpret blueprints, schematics, and other technical specifications.

  • Mustpossessand maintain a valid state driver's license with an acceptable driving record.

  • Must meet andmaintaincompany physical and security requirements, including respirator qualification and clearance eligibility whenrequired.

  • Mustpossessgood communicationskills for a service team environment.

  • Must have a detailed understanding the interrelationships of systems or circuits; exercising independent judgment in performing such tasks as making system or circuit analysis, tracing relationships in signal flow; andregularly usingcomplex test instruments (e.g., dualtrace oscilloscopes, deviation meters, pulse generators, volt/ohm meters, chart recorders, cable locators).

  • Ability to successfully pass any background checks and/or drug testingrequiredon the contract.

  • U.S. citizenship.

Job: Maintenance & Repair

Travel: None

Organization: AFO - Akima Facilities Operations

Clearance: Able to Obtain Secret

Work Type: On-Site

Remote: No

ReqID: 2024-9016