Tool Room Attendant (Must Be Able to Obtain a Secret)

Panama City, FL
Work Type: On-Site
  • Job Category: Maintenance & Repair
  • Travel: No
  • Clearance: SECRET
  • Shift: Day Job
  • Req ID: ASE00624

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Job Summary:

Tool Room Attendant primary functions will be general tool room duties including; issuing, receiving, marking and/or bar coding of tools, and delivering tools to the production area. Responsible for cleaning/maintaining/organizing stored tools and the cleanup of tool room area. Responsible for investigating and searching for missing tools from the tool room. Attendant will research/determine which tools need to be ordered, identify tool suppliers, and repair tools for the prototype shops. Responsible for inventorying tools in the tool room and preparing inventory reports for the supervisor. Responsible for preparing monthly tool room status reports for the supervisor. Monitor Hazardous Waste and Environmental requirements. Store all Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) accordingly.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Check hand tools, power tools and craftsman-related tools in and out of Tool Room.

  • Maintain accurate Tool Room inventory by maintaining files and keeping records of all tools issued and returned to Tool Room.

  • Create Cost estimates for new or replacement tooling.

  • Turn in excess supplies, prepare tool boxes for tradesmen, and mark all tools properly.

  • Disassemble tools or equipment to determine defective mechanisms.

  • Sharpen drill bits and check tools for breakage.

  • Maintain an adequate tool inventory of spare tools.

  • Maintain working order of wide variety tools and equipment. Determine the need for repair or adjustment and the extent of the required repairs.

  • Locate and quote replacement tooling.

  • Clear tool reports for transferring and retiring employees.

  • Provide reports and data call information as directed by supervisor.

  • Administrative tasks as assigned by the Management team.

  • Ensure a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is available in the work center for each HAZMAT listed on the AUL and a copy of the Authorized Use List (AUL) is with the SDSs. Ensure SDS(s) are readily accessible to employees during each work shift and employees are aware of their location.

  • Remind work centers to allow sufficient time (two weeks) for procurement of requested HAZMAT.

  • Ensure limited quantities of HAZMAT (30 day supply) are requested and substitutions of less hazardous materials are used when applicable.

  • For new HAZMAT not already authorized on the work center AUL or Outstanding Materials List (OML) submit to the HAZMIN Center and Safety a Justification for Procurement of New Hazardous Material Form with the SDS and a "New HAZMAT Entered into the Workplace" Training Roster, paragraph 7(a) (4), for CHRIMP operation processing.

  • Ensure appropriate record keeping, storage and purchase requisitions for HAZMAT and Hazardous Waste (HW) disposal are conducted. All containers of HAZMAT previously used must be turned into the HAZMIN Center and documented on the Container Turn-In Sheet.

  • Ensure the NSWC PCD Safety Office and HAZMIN Center are notified when HAZMAT not approved for use is delivered to the shop or work center (i.e., samples from manufacturers) This shall be accomplished prior to use of the HAZMAT.

  • Ensure that HAZMAT is used only in processes for which it is authorized in accordance with the AUL and that HAZMAT with no apparent authorized use is neither used nor stored in the work center.

  • Perform a monthly audit of HAZMAT ensuring:

  • HAZMAT on hand agrees with the HAZMAT listed on the OML, which can be obtained from the HAZMIN Center. Provide a copy of the OML audit to the HAZMIN Center for reconciliation.

  • HAZMAT with shelf-life dates which are expired or near expiration are taken to the HAZMIN Center. The HAZMIN Center will determine if the HAZMAT shelf-life can be extended or must be turned-in to Navy Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) as hazardous waste.

  • Limited quantities of HAZMAT are located in work center storage locations, work centers will turn in all excess hazardous materials into the HAZMIN Center Re-Use area.

  • Ensure all HAZMAT containers, whether empty or when the product is no longer needed, are returned to the HAZMIN Center as for proper disposition.

  • When HAZMAT is returned to the HAZMIN Center, maintain a copy of the "return" document for waste stream cradle-to-grave records.

  • Ensure the HAZMIN Center is notified of all invalid information on the AUL (i.e., HAZMAT no longer used, process changed, etc.).

  • Provide an annual inventory of all HAZMAT in the work center to the HMC&M Program Manager and the HAZMIN Center.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Comply and adhere to the Department of Labor's (DOL) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) COVID vaccination policy.

  • An active Secret clearance is strongly preferred.

  • A minimum of a HS degree or GED is required.

  • A minimum of one year or relevant experience is strongly preferred.

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