Mission Rehearsal Trainer (MRT) - OKC

Oklahoma City, OK
Work Type: On-Site
  • Job Category: Military Specific Occupations
  • Travel: Yes, 25% of the time
  • Clearance: Able to Obtain Secret
  • Req ID: 2024-11179


Job Summary:

RiverTech is looking for aMission Rehearsal Trainer (MRT)to work in Oklahoma. To join our team of outstanding professionals, apply today!


Job Responsibilities:

  • The FTU Mission Rehearsal Trainer (MRT) will be responsible for coordinating and executing role-playing simulations to meet all Desired Learning Objectives (DLO) for FTU airborne training missions.

  • The MRT will role-play a variety of positions and will operate government-provided equipment, including vehicles and radios, in order to execute realistic mission ground scenarios.

  • The MRT will coordinate with the FTU Flight Instructors to develop realistic ground training scenarios, be responsible for producing training mission products and Concept of Fire (COF), execute the mission and be available at all debriefs to provide feedback on the mission training event.

  • Be proficient at role-playing a variety of positions to include, but not limited to: ground controller, Ground Force Commander (GFC), other air assets and platforms, other ground combat elements, and possibly overall scenario director to include scheme of maneuver and radio communications.

  • Be proficient with applicable enemy TTPs and be able to direct less experienced personnel in their execution.

  • Lead or follow the mission lead for both friendly and opposing forces to allow for flexibility in scenario management.

  • Show at the predesignated aircrew briefing location 3+30 hours prior to scheduled takeoff. The Contractor shall be setup, operational, and ready at least fifteen minutes prior to scheduled takeoff time, or as designated by the training scenario, and operate until mission completion or end of authorized crew duty day for the type mission being supported.

  • Readily adapt to new Government-provided equipment reconfiguration, upgrade, and modernization.

  • Employ new techniques and technologies presented by the Government to keep procedures and capabilities abreast of mission requirements.

  • Operate a wide range of specialized equipment, weapons and vehicles to include, but not limited to, laser pointers, UHF/VHF/FM/HF/SATCOM radios, current Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment, overt/covert lights and marking devices and pyrotechnics. Be capable of operating radios in secure mode with Communications Security (COMSEC).

  • Provide dynamic support and training mission locations shall be as required by the specific scenario.

  • Provide high tempo training support in austere locations, in inclement weather, under high stress conditions, and may be required to work irregular hours.

  • Use, operate, and manipulate ground effects simulator devices or pyrotechnics to enhance the training scenario.

  • Support the 137 SOG/FTU and under the direction of the 137 SOG/FTU for duties outlined in the above paragraphs. They will follow the local standard operating procedures set forth by the 137 SOG/FTU.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must have recent, within last 7 years, special operations team task force combat experience and knowledge of integrating joint firepower (i.e. ground based lethal fires, CAS, and non-lethal kinetics) and manned ISR platforms.

  • Experience in coordinating and planning full mission SOCOM combat profiles is mandatory.

  • Must be familiar with military command and control structures within SOCOM.

  • Must possess a valid civilian driver's license

  • Be familiar with operating tactical portable communications equipment and radios in various VHF and UHF encrypted frequency bands.

  • Be familiar with scheduling and working on military training areas and ranges.

  • Must have the physical capabilities (be able to lift and carry at least sixty 60 pounds) and run continuously without stopping, distances in excess of 400 meters to perform ground-based air support team duties.

  • Must have experience in operating Microsoft Windows based operating systems and Microsoft Office programs in order to develop CONOPs and COFs.

  • Must be eligible to obtain and maintain an active SECRET security clearance.

Job: Military Specific Occupations

Travel: Yes, 25% of the time

Organization: RiverTech

Clearance: Able to Obtain Secret

Work Type: On-Site

Remote: No

ReqID: 2024-11179