Operations Stan/Eval (Kadena AFB / Secret Clearance Required)

Okinawa, JPN
Work Type: On-Site
  • Job Category: Office & Administrative Support
  • Travel: No
  • Clearance: SECRET
  • Shift: Day Job
  • Req ID: RIV02986

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Job Summary:

The Operations Stan/Eval FTE position consists of scheduling and Stan/Eval functions at the squadron level. These job duties involve challenging and dynamic processes. Even after the schedule is printed, numerous changes are required because of aircraft mechanical problems, medical issues, flight evaluation requirements, expiring event currencies, deployments and student training continuity to name a few. Weather conditions and other factors beyond the control of the scheduler also limit flying opportunities. Furthermore, overseas locations may require additional Host Nation coordination and localized procedures. The scheduler needs to be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances in a medium-to-high stress environment. Scheduling activities shall be in accordance with (IAW) Air Force Instruction (AFI) 10-420.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with the training officer, squadron aviation resource management (SARM), UDM, and Operations Officer (DO) to arrange a schedule to facilitate operations, qualification, upgrade, test, exercises, and continuation training accomplishment to meet required currency and progression standards, IAW DO priorities. Coordinate with the Weapons Officer or DO for aircraft configurations two weeks prior and ensure OPSs (operations)/MX (maintenance)/Ammo (ammunition) schedules are synchronized.

  • Build long-and short-range flight schedules to ensure full coverage of all aircrew, instructor, evaluator, support personnel, and supervisor positions. Coordinate with senior squadron leadership on a daily and weekly basis.

  • Keep track when crewmembers will be on leave, temporary duty, have scheduled medical appointments or other scheduling commitments. Contractor will de-conflict crewmember schedules and work with flight leadership to ensure crews are available to meet assigned sortie taskings. Ensure 100% accountability for aircrew schedule inputs and coordinate with Flight/CC (Commander’s) to receive/integrate late inputs.

  • Track daily flight/ground/academic training requirements and accomplishments to facilitate accurate flight scheduling as directed by the operations officer. To the maximum extent possible, schedule aircrew based on experience to mitigate Operational Risk Management (ORM). Updates will be reported to squadron and wing leadership.

  • Facilitate last-minute schedule changes to ensure full coverage by working with the current mission commander/operations supervisor (or equivalent) and flight responsible for the shift that is not fully manned.

  • Obtain aircraft and equipment availability data from MX and schedule crewmembers for training, exercises, simulators, and operations, as required. Run flying schedule coordination change requests driven by operations requirements.

  • Publish/post scheduling data for unit long-/short-range ground/academic, flying, and simulator training event schedules on PEX/GTIMS/GDSS II, or other computer database systems.

  • Comply with Operations Group and scheduling chiefs’ locally-developed guidance when building the schedule.

  • Determine flight, ground, and simulator schedule requirements for upgrade, initial qualification, requalification, transition, currency, and continuation training based on syllabus requirements, student progression, weather, and daily equipment/training range availability.

  • Perform daily updates of scheduling data to compensate for changing conditions and training completion rates.

  • Coordinate with Operations Support Squadron (OSS) Plans department, outside agencies/exercise participants and higher headquarters, for example: RED FLAG, GREEN FLAG, Weapons School support, for reporting and to facilitate exercise/special event schedule coordination.

  • Provide inputs to OSS Scheduling and update daily Supervisor of Flying (SOF) and Top 3 schedules.

  • Correlate sortie length and airspace requirements with syllabus requirements.

  • Attend weekly special use airspace scheduling meeting for schedule coordination and de-confliction.

  • Attend weekly planning/coordinating airspace restrictions meeting for schedule coordination and de-confliction.

  • Attend monthly range scheduling meetings for schedule coordination and de-confliction. Conduct final range coordination and scheduling IAW local and/or Host Nation procedures.

  • Create, submit and file AF Form 1801s, Diplomatic Clearances (DIPs), Altitude Reservations (ALTRV) and any other Host Nation or local procedure forms required for flying operations.

  • Assist the DO in building the unit Annual Flying Hour Program.

  • Represent unit requirements as required at airspace/range users conferences.

  • Produce and disseminate scheduling effectiveness reports (weekly wrap-up) IAW local standards.

  • Maintain accountability and control of flight testing materials.

  • Perform duties as the squadron Technical Order Distribution Account (TODA) manager per T.O. 00-5-1, and Flight Crew Information File (FCIF) library manager per AFIs.

  • Manage squadron hard and soft copy libraries of standardized reference materials, as dictated by AFI or local supplement. This can include AFIs, T.O.s, Air Force Tactics Techniques and Procedures Manuals, and Joint Publications. Maintain on-line accounts and distribution accounts with the various agencies required to sustain access to current library materials.

  • Manage the Technical Order (TO) library, flying related publications and checklists via the Technical Order Distribution Account (TODA) and Enhanced Technical Information Management System (ETIMS) to ensure all TO, publications and checklist are current.

  • Ensure all Flight Information Publications (FLIP) are current and accessible to all aircrew.

  • Maintain Flight Crew Information File (FCIF) and any additional Read File libraries (i.e. OGRF, SRF, SOFRF, etc.).

  • Ensure all Briefing Room and Mission Planning materials to include local area maps are maintained, Training Rule publications, checklists and Special Interest Items are current and serviceable. Develop standardized briefing room aids as directed by the Chief of Stan/Eval to ensure mission spaces comply with AFI requirements for posted information and available reference material.

  • Perform duties as receiving agent for hard copy delivery of Flight Information Publications (FLIP) and host nation FLIP equivalents.

  • Update data in PEX/GTIMS, or future equivalent systems, and locally-developed computer database systems as required.

  • Interface with Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM) personnel to update the Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) or future equivalent systems to ARMS as required.

  • Coordinate with training officer to review and update student/permanent party records, folders and grade books per the applicable AFIs: AFI 11-202V2 and AFI 11-2MDS-V2 as well as associated MAJCOM/Installation supplements, and locally-developed guidance.

  • Notify crewmembers, scheduling, and unit leadership of upcoming and overdue testing, evaluation, and training requirements via e-mail, telephone or in person.

  • Perform testing administrator duties/function for the unit.

  • Conduct monthly reviews of those aircrews entering into the first month of evaluation eligibility period.

  • Interpret AFIs and provide guidance and to personnel assigned to Stan/Eval shops to help track training and readiness status of squadron personnel.

  • Generate the following reports/forms as required:

    • Evaluation and testing status and trend data reports.

    • Provide data to OGV for Stan/Eval board (SEB) 6 month report.

    • AF Form 8, Qualification of Aircrew Qualification.

    • AF Form 847, Recommendation for Change of Publication.

    • Produce monthly check-ride report denoting the current status of all check-ride requirements for aircrew in zone.

    • Produce a long range check-ride plan which takes into account TDY/Deployments and includes all no-notice check-ride requirements.

  • The Operations Stan/Eval support position shall be capable of being cross-utilized into all the other positions as needed, as well as provide the additional functions highlighted in section 4.

  • Update and maintain FLIP/EFB procedures, systems and databases IAW prevailing AFIs governing EFB usage (ex. ACCI 11-270). These duties include: Identify, address, and elevate, as necessary, EFB requirements and concerns to leadership and the MAJCOM EFB Program Manager.

  • Serve as the Wing EFB system administrator, ensuring devices are configured, issued, tracked, updated, and maintained as required by this instruction. May also serve as the Wing EFB Mobile Device Management (MDM) administrator.

  • Assist the Technical Order Distribution Officers (TODO) to provide aircrews with current electronic flight publications and guidance on approved methods to keep all required publications up-to-date on the EFB in accordance with this instruction.

  • Provide the MAJCOM EFB Program Manager with feedback on operational assessments and development of EFB solutions.

  • Assist with establishing an EFB Program Manager organizational email box.

  • Assist enforcement of standardization and evaluation policy applicable to the EFB program, including currency of required flight publications.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must have an active Secret clearance.

  • Must have a minimum of a high school degree or GED.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience working in a Flying Squadron/Group/Wing Stan/Eval office.

  • Experience working with PEX/GTIMS or similar proprietary Stan/Eval programs.

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