Ordnance Systems Technician (MOS 6541)

Namest, CZE
Work Type: On-Site
  • Job Category: Military Specific Occupations
  • Travel: No
  • Clearance: Able to Obtain Secret
  • Shift: Day Job
  • Req ID: PIN00167

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Job Summary:

Pinnacle Solutions is looking for an Ordnance Systems Technician (MOS 6541) to work in Namest, Czech Republic. To join our team of outstanding professionals, apply today!

Job Responsibilities:

The Ordnance System Technician performs duties for H-1 Series aircraft in the Czech Republic. The Ordnance System Technician with account for, stow, breakout, test, maintenance, assembly and transportation of airborne armament equipment and armament-handling equipment.

  • Performs IMA level maintenance on armament weapons support equipment (AWSE).

  • Assembles and performs maintenance on air-launched missiles, and conventional munitions, as authorized.

  • Performs IMA level maintenance on aircraft armament systems (aircraft armament equipment and aircraft gun systems).

  • Identifies munitions by type, nomenclature, and explosive hazard. Identifies the hazard present and appropriate emergency response procedures for each type of munitions handled.

  • Transports explosives utilizing assigned handling and transportation equipment.

  • Employs appropriate safety precautions, security procedures, and record-keeping practices for munitions.

  • Conducts ammunition inventories and maintains stock records of lots/serial numbers.

  • Performs operator tasks associated with Ordnance Information System (OIS) Ammunition Accounting and Management System.

  • Performs IMA level maintenance on aircraft guns.

  • Performs inventory management tasks associated with all weapons information system (AWIS) website.

  • Prepares, packages, and certifies hazardous material for shipment.

  • Certifies vehicles for transport of hazardous materials.

  • Maintains records and distinguishes the different modifications on all models of missiles and conventional munitions assigned.

  • Utilizes available technical and supply publications to obtain accurate and complete data for supply purposes.

  • Performs inspections on the maintenance, storage, and shipment of explosives.

  • Uses ammunition stock and allowance lists/publications, prepares and edits ammunition requisitions and takes requisition follow-up actions.

  • Makes ammunition issues, prepares invoices, and custody records.

  • Maintains files, prepares naval messages, and submits ammunition transactions.

  • Performs the system administrator tasks associated with ordnance information system (OIS) ammunition accounting and management system.

  • Establishes a training program for aviation ordnance technicians.

  • Performs functions in the establishment operations of a conventional munitions storage area, advance base ammunition storage point, ready storage areas and Forward Arming and Refueling Points (FARP).

  • Prepares conventional/ordnance deficiency reports, explosive event reports, explosive mishap reports, technical publication deficiency reports, product quality deficiency reports, missing lost stolen/ recovered ammunition reports, and engineering investigation requests, when appropriate.

  • Performs ammunition stock recording section functions/tasks utilizing the ordnance information system (OIS).

  • Determines the serviceability of ammunition and perform ammunition sentencing functions.

  • Establishes and supervises the operation of a Forward Arming and Refueling Point (FARP).

  • Supervises operations in an ammunition assembly area.

  • Utilizes aviation ordnance administrative procedures necessary to establish and operate an IMA.

  • Conducts administrative and material inspections of IMA activities.

  • Prepares naval messages, orders, instructions, SOPs, and safety precautions.

  • Manages the ammunition stock recording system (ASRS)Employ operational risk management principles.

  • Performs ground maintenance tasks and repairs on aircraft and mission systems components.

  • Interprets technical manual/correspondence (i.e. instructions, drawings, diagrams).

  • Identifies and diagnoses aircraft and mission systems malfunctions.

  • Documents all inspections, maintenance, and repairs in a maintenance management database system.

  • Orders parts and materials needed for maintenance/repairs.

  • Provide training via self-paced readings, labs, and on-the-job training to individuals in the performance ground maintenance duties.

  • Utilizes maintenance training management database systems, to track maintenance training progression and qualifications.

  • Ensures that all related maintenance operations are conducted in a safe manner.

  • Other tasks, duties, and responsibilities, as directed.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Two (2) years of recent experience as an Ordnance System Technician.

  • Successfully completed, and be qualified by the appropriate U.S. Government Ordnance System Technician course.

  • Proficient in the use of computer-hosted interactive technical manuals, aircraft maintenance forms or similar aviation maintenance management system, and other aircraft-related documentation.

  • Professional verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Ability to effectively communicate with the customer in a professional and courteous manner.

  • Possess a valid issued driver’s license.

  • Successfully pass an overseas deployment physical upon hire.

  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret Security Clearance. Interim Secret Clearance required to start on day one of employment.


  • HS diploma or equivalent required.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Seven to ten (7-10) years experience

  • CDQAR experience desirable

  • Associate Degree

  • FAA A & P

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