Detention Supervisor

Los Fresnos, TX
Work Type: On-Site
  • Job Category: Protective Services
  • Travel: None
  • Clearance: Public Trust
  • Req ID: 2024-11797


At AIP, the work you do every day makes a difference in the lives of our 15,000 Iñupiat shareholders, a group of Alaska natives from one of the most remote and harshest environments inthe United States.

Job Summary:

Supervise detention officer activities and operations for day, evening, and night shift.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Supervise housing units and other assigned areas of the facility including reporting any unusual event relative to facility security to the Shift Commander or Chief of Security.

  • Supervise Detention Officers on each shift throughout the facility.

  • Ensure that detention officers are attentive to their duties and conduct their duties in accordance with Post Orders, ACA and PBNDS standards.

  • Continually inspect duty posts within the assigned area.

  • Conduct frequent inspections of housing areas.

  • Conduct staff detainee communication to ensure that detainees are safe, secure, and their needs are being met. Resolves minor issues or grievances addressed by detainees.

  • Conduct visual post checks and completing post check forms.

  • Report performance deficiencies noted among those officers supervised to the Shift Commander or Chief of Security.

  • Conduct post training to detention officers when new procedures are implemented.

  • Conducting muster, ensuring all pertinent information is passed on to the incoming shift; and that a personnel inspection is performed.

  • Monitor for detainee movement during counts.

  • Oversee satellite-feeding procedures and confirm tray count for all units.

  • Conduct periodic, random drills of response scenarios in accordance with the Facility Emergency Response Plan.

  • Ensure that detention officers respond quickly and appropriately to all medical emergencies.

  • Assume command and control during any use-of-force incidents.

  • Ensure that all personnel involved in or reporting, and incident provide complete reports by the end of shift.

  • Ensure that detainees are delivered for court appearances within the facility.

  • Ensure facility counts are conducted properly at scheduled intervals and that results are recorded in facility logs.

  • Initiate “re-counts” if and when necessary.

  • Ensure arriving detainees are properly processed including fingerprinting, photographing and preparation of detainee file (if so tasked).

  • Ensure processing staff provides newly arriving detainees with complete issue of clothing, personal articles, and required identification.

  • Ensure staging and processing staff properly inventories detainee personal property and that receipts for property are prepared and provided to the detainee.

  • Ensure appropriate log entries are made to record receipt and transfer of residents.

  • Enforcing PBNDS standards within the staging and processing areas; ensuring females and males are properly segregated in holding cells.

  • Order detention support supplies; such as, film, detainee uniforms, etc., through the facility supply department.

  • Maintain surveillance of the facility through the CCTV system.

  • Control various electronic doors and gates.

  • Notify the Shift Commander, Chief of Security, and Project Manager of any incident observed.

  • Promptly contacting and dispatching assistance to officers requiring such.

  • Provide professional development to all detention staff.

  • Conduct performance evaluations on those personnel supervised.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • US citizen or a person lawfully admitted into the United States for permanent residence and have resided in the U.S. for the last five years.

  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent (GED).

  • Pass a criminal background and consumer credit check (no criminal record).

  • Obtain and maintain a DHS/ICE government clearance.

  • Pass all pre-employment and random drug tests.

  • Pass a medical examination and meet health requirements.

  • At least 21 years of age.

  • Possess a valid state driver's license.

  • Must be trustworthy.

  • Must have a minimum of one year of experience as a detention officer and two years of successful experience in field supervision (civilian law enforcement, commercial or industrial guard service, or security service supervisory position).

  • The two-year requirement may be satisfied by completion of a career development program that includes work-related experience, training, or college credits at a level of achievement equivalent to the basic requirement.

  • Knowledge of day-to-day operations of a detention services center.

  • Knowledge and skills in ensuring maximum level of safety and security to protect detainees, staff and facility from fire, security breaches; while ensuring operation within established facility rules.

  • Ability to greet and deal tactfully with the general public.

  • Capability of following and understanding written and verbal orders, policies and regulations.

  • Shall be literate and able to interpret printed rules and regulations, detailed written orders, training instructions and materials, and be able to compose written and oral reports.

  • Must exercise good judgment, courage, alertness, an even temperament, and render satisfactory performance through his/her responsibilities.

  • Ability to maintain poise and self-control during situations that involve mental stress, such as fires, explosions, disturbances and building evacuations.

  • Maintain a professional personal appearance and calm demeanor.

  • Maintain confidentiality.

  • Possess a high degree of integrity, accountability and adhere to the American Correctional Association and DHS ICE standards.

  • Demonstrate an ability to work with a diverse population of people, including people of different cultures, with different values and lifestyles; with a cross-cultural perspective.

  • Maintain current/physical residency in the continental United States.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of and familiar with ACA and DHS ICE National Detention Standards and regulations on the operation of detention and correctional facilities.

  • Membership in the American Correctional Association.

  • Bilingual.

  • Texas Security License Number: B20019

Job: Protective Services

Travel: None

Organization: AIP - Akima Infrastructure Protection

Clearance: Public Trust

Work Type: On-Site

Remote: No

ReqID: 2024-11797