Construction Laborer - Facilities Technologist

Livermore, CA
  • Clearance: DOE Q
  • Req ID: 800BR

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Construction Laborer - Facilities Technologist


Livermore, CA

Job Summary:

We are seeking a Construction helper/laborer.

On any given day, you may be called on to:

  • Perform minor installations / removals

  • Assist construction team (various tasks)

  • Prepare and clean job sites

  • Record and track construction materials

  • Load and unload construction materials

  • Pick up off-site construction materials

  • Stage construction materials per project

  • Pressure wash areas / buildings

  • Use of construction tools (power, pneumatic, manual)

  • Follow construction plans and instructions from project coordinator or more experienced construction workers

If you have a Medical Portable Electronic Device (MedPED), such as a pacemaker, defibrillator, drug-releasing pump, hearing aids, or diagnostic equipment and other equipment for measuring, monitoring, and recording body functions such as heartbeat and brain waves, if employed by Sub-contractor you may be required to comply with NNSA security requirements for MedPEDs.

If you have a MedPED and you are selected for an on-site interview at sub-contractor, there may be additional steps necessary to ensure compliance with NNSA security requirements prior to the interview date.

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