Flying Operational Support II (Training)

Honolulu, HI
Work Type: On-Site
  • Job Category: Aviation
  • Travel: None
  • Clearance: SECRET
  • Req ID: 2024-9114


Job Summary:

The Operations Assistant working in the Training office FTE position consists of scheduling and training functions at the squadron level. Both scheduling and training are challenging and dynamic processes. Even after the schedule is printed, numerous changes may be required because of aircraft mechanical problems, medical issues, flight evaluation requirements, expiring event currencies, deployments and student training continuity to name a few. Weather conditions and other factors beyond the control of the scheduler also limit flying opportunities. Furthermore, overseas locations may require additional Host Nation coordination and localized procedures. The scheduler needs to be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances in a medium-to-high stress environment. Scheduling activities shall be in accordance with (IAW) Air Force Instruction (AFI) 10-420.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Coordinates with the training officer, squadron aviation resource management (SARM), UDM, and Operations Officer (DO) to arrange a schedule to facilitate operations, qualification, upgrade, test, exercises, and continuation training accomplishment to meet required currency and progression standards, IAW DO priorities.

  • Coordinates with the Weapons Officer or DO for aircraft configurations two weeks prior and ensure OPSs (operations)/MX (maintenance)/Ammo (ammunition) schedules are synchronized.

  • Builds long-and short-range flight schedules to ensure full coverage of all aircrew, instructor, evaluator, support personnel, and supervisor positions.

  • Coordinates with senior squadron leadership on a daily and weekly basis.

  • Tracks when crewmembers will be on leave, temporary duty, have scheduled medical appointments or other scheduling commitments. Contractor shall de-conflict crewmember schedules and work with flight leadership to ensure crews are available to meet assigned sortie taskings.

  • Ensures 100% accountability for aircrew schedule inputs and coordinate with Flight/CC (Commander’s) to receive/integrate late inputs.

  • Tracks daily flight/ground/academic training requirements and accomplishments to facilitate accurate flight scheduling as directed by the operations officer. To the maximum extent possible, schedule aircrew based on experience to mitigate Operational Risk Management (ORM). Scheduling and ORM updates will be reported to squadron and wing leadership as necessary.

  • Facilitates last-minute schedule changes to ensure full coverage by working with the current mission commander/operations supervisor (or equivalent) and flight responsible for the shift that is not fully manned.

  • Obtains aircraft and equipment availability data from MX and schedule crewmembers for training, exercises, simulators, and operations, as required. Run flying schedule coordination change requests driven by operations requirements.

  • Publishes/posts scheduling data for unit long-/short-range ground/academic, flying, and simulator training event schedules on PEX/GTIMS/GDSS II, or other computer database systems.

  • Complies with Operations Group and scheduling chiefs’ locally- developed guidance when building the schedule.

  • Determines flight, ground, and simulator schedule requirements for upgrade, initial qualification, requalification, transition, currency, and continuation training based on syllabus requirements, student progression, weather, and daily equipment/training range availability.

  • Performs daily updates of scheduling data to compensate for changing conditions and training completion rates.

  • Coordinates with Operations Support Squadron (OSS) Plans department, outside agencies/exercise participants and higher headquarters, for example: RED FLAG, GREEN FLAG, Weapons School support, for reporting and to facilitate exercise/special event schedule coordination.

  • Provides inputs to OSS Scheduling and update daily Supervisor of Flying (SOF) and Top 3 schedules.

  • Correlates sortie length and airspace requirements with syllabus requirements.

  • Attends weekly special use airspace scheduling meeting for schedule coordination and de-confliction.

  • Attends weekly planning/coordinating airspace restrictions meeting for schedule coordination and de-confliction.

  • Attends monthly range scheduling meetings for schedule coordination and de-confliction. Conduct final range coordination and scheduling IAW local and/or Host Nation procedures.

  • Creates, submits and files AF Form 1801s, Diplomatic Clearances (DIPs), Altitude Reservations (ALTRV) and any other Host Nation or local procedure forms required for flying operations.

  • Assists the DO in building the unit Annual Flying Hour Program.

  • Represents unit requirements as required at airspace/range users conferences.

  • Produces and disseminates scheduling effectiveness reports (weekly wrap-up) IAW local standards.

  • Updates data in PEX/GTIMS or future equivalent systems, and locally- developed computer database systems as required.

  • Interfaces with Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM) personnel to update the Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) or future equivalent systems to ARMS as required.

  • Reviews and updates student/permanent party records, folders and grade books IAW the applicable Air Force Instructions (AFI 11-202V1 and AFI 11-2MDS-V1), associated Major Command (MAJCOM) Installation supplements, and locally-developed guidance. Number of records will vary depending on unit manning/student throughput.

  • Administers classes and exams as required.

  • Coordinates with scheduling to ensure crewmembers are scheduled for Crew Resource Management, Instructor Crew Resource Management, Instrument Refresher Course, and any other grounding or pre- deployment training requirements. Number of classes/exams will vary depending on unit manning/student throughput.

  • Performs periodic gradebook checks of personnel training and ancillary training requirements. Periodic frequency will be determined by squadron leadership. Discrepancies will be reported to squadron leadership.

  • Prepares and executes training/testing plans for approval and scheduling as required by squadron leadership.

  • Provides weekly updates to squadron leadership containing the flight and readiness status of personnel to facilitate tracking of duty status and performance report/decoration accomplishment.

  • Coordinates with scheduling officer, enabling them to maximize training opportunities IAW unit leadership guidance. Scheduling and training will be consistent with AFIs.

  • Provides daily tracking of upgrade and continuation training accomplishment for the unit Operations Supervisor (or equivalent) as well as weekly summaries for the Operations Officer.

  • Assists in the development of new curriculum and syllabi for aircrew and ground training.

  • Reports all MAJCOM training requirements IAW MAJCOM and local guidance.

  • Assists in maintaining unit “first fly” and “incentive/familiarization flight” checklists IAW evolving AFIs and Local Supplements.

  • Assists the Chief of Training with mid-year and end-of-year Readiness Reviews, as directed by Air Force regulation.

  • Generates the following reports as required: AF Form 4324, Aircraft Assignment/Aircrew Qualification WorksheetMonthly aircrew qualification level summary (also known as the “Letter of Xs”) and provide a copy of in-work and final documents to Wing Current Operations (OSS/OSO) and Wing Stan/Eval (OGV) NLT the last day of each monthMonthly and quarterly Ready Aircrew Program (RAP) reports and RAP inputs to Wing OSS Training each quarterRAP reporting as required by the current RAP tasking message.

  • Monthly summary of aircrew probation/regression status: Grade Book discrepancy report.

  • The Operations Training support position shall be capable of being cross-utilized into all the other positions as needed.

  • Fulfills Additional Duty Training Manager responsibilities contained in AFI 36-2670 and the Unit Training Manager (UTM) PSD, including in-processing and out-processing unit members, providing monthly Status of Training (SOT) briefings to the Commander, and hosting quarterly Squadron training meetings.

  • Fulfills Readiness duties for the unit within a reasonable scope of responsibility and manageable workload determined by squadron leadership.

  • Manages deployment reporting in tools such as the Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS) including Unit Type Code posturing and individual status updates.

  • Use LOGMOD and Excel to track pre-deployment/post-deployment items such as mobility, logistics, security, ancillary training, medical, and dental requirements.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Experience working in a Flying Squadron/Group/Wing Stan/Eval office is highly desirable.

  • Experience working with PEX/GTIMS or similar proprietary scheduling program is highly desirable.

  • Must have a HS degree.

  • Must have a minimum of a Secret clearance.

Posted Salary Range


Benefits Information

CBA - The benefits and leave offered will be as defined under the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Job: Aviation

Travel: None

Organization: ASE - Akima Systems Engineering

Clearance: SECRET

Work Type: On-Site

Remote: No

ReqID: 2024-9114