Boiler Plant Operator

Fort Washington, MD
Work Type: On-Site
  • Job Category: Installation, Maintenance & Repair
  • Travel: No
  • Clearance: Not Applicable
  • Shift: Evening Job
  • Req ID: LOC01093

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Job Summary:

This position is the primary responsible certified operator on all shifts at the Central Heat & Power Plant (CHPP), an oil fired heating plant with diesel fueled generators. The position is responsible for controlling the operation of the boilers, generators and auxiliary equipment in a safe and efficient manner during all assigned shifts. Supervises lower level boiler plant operators and boiler plant mechanics in the performance of their duties. Work and performance metrics are recorded through operational logs and reporting through the supervisory chain. All work is required to be performed in a safe, efficient, environmentally acceptable manner.

Job Responsibilities:

  • The boiler plant operator is the primarily responsible individual for the accurate recording of plant performance in the operations logbook. However, the Certified PLANT Operator is OVERALL responsible for determining the operational effectiveness of various plant equipment and machinery, identifying trends in plant production, AND control of steam and electrical production in the plant. This person directs subordinates in the plant during assigned shifts, monitors and checks plant equipment and machinery operation and assists with annual operating budget and identifying potential capital projects to improve plant operations.

  • Operates all equipment in a boiler plant to produce and control the amount of steam necessary to meet demands. These demands are significantly affected by the large amounts of steam or high temperature water provided by the boiler plant.

  • Ignites fires, puts boilers in service, and closes down boilers. Periodically makes rounds of the plant to visually check equipment to see that is operating properly.

  • Maintains constant observation of flow meters and charts to determine how much steam is being produced, whether it is meeting or exceeding demands, how much fuel is being used, etc. Fires up to take boilers off the line; determines whether to up or lower fires in boilers; whether to use pressure reducing valves; whether water pumps should be started or stopped and for how long.

  • Adjusts firing controls, fuel feeds, and air drafts for best combustion efficiency.

  • Operates numerous auxiliary equipment, such as pumps, water heaters, fans, and de-aerating equipment.

  • Collects samples of boiler water, performs prescribed tests, and determines amount of chemicals to be fed into boilers for treatment of water and control of corrosion and chemical concentrations.

  • Maintains constant observation for defects in the system. In the event problems arise, either repairs malfunctions or notifies the supervisor. Follows standard emergency procedures until trouble can be corrected.

  • Maintains logs, records, and other plant data as required.

  • Performs routine operational maintenance, e.g., cleans burners, oils and grease moving parts, packs valves and pumps, cleans oil strainers, etc.

  • May be required to locate and repair limited electrical problems in oil burning controls, safety devices, etc.

  • Operates various types of air conditioning and cooling systems. Starts stops and adjusts equipment.

  • Regulates refrigerant, water temperatures and pressures by manipulating appropriate switches, rheostats, valves and levers.

  • Tours the plant making minor repairs, oiling and greasing equipment, thawing frozen valves, replacing fuses and defective recording devices.

  • Maintains log of plant equipment and keeps all machinery and spaces clean.

  • Independently plans and carries out the work in accordance with established operating methods and procedures.

  • Responsible for making complex determinations due to the amounts of steam or high temperature water provided by the plant.

  • The work shall be checked through occasional observation for adherence to operating techniques and established procedures.

  • Majority of work is performed indoors; however, employee will be exposed to extreme temperatures, smoke, dirt, noise, unpleasant odors, toxic fumes, soot, toxic dust, water, fuel oil, chemicals and all types of weather conditions.

  • Work may result in cuts, bruises, or burns from steam, heat, chemicals or machinery. Exposed to eye injuries and frostbite from escaping refrigerants.

Minimum Qualifications:

This position requires the boiler plant operator to possess either a valid Maryland First Class Stationary Engineer license; a D.C. Third Class Stationary Engineer license or a National Institute for the Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers (NIULPE) First Class Power Engineer license

High School Diploma or Equivalent

Six years minimum experience

Maximum Engine (Prime Mover) horsepower requiring licensed power engineer (Unsupervised) - 7500 HP

Maximum Boiler Horsepower requiring licensed power engineer (Unsupervised) -1500 BHP

Must have a valid state driver’s license.

  • Willingness to report for duty during emergencies or to cover shifts under short notice to ensure adequate staffing to operate theplant.

Proof of completion of an approved confined space entry class

  • Must be a US citizen and pass a thorough background check and drugtest.

  • Must be able to stand, sit, bend, reach and walk for extended periods oftime.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Technical School diploma preferred.
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